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    When it comes to technical SEO, iCEA Group is a top-rated SEO firm that is committed to your SEO success. Our SEO experts use tried-and-true SEO techniques and approaches to help your company achieve impression count, website traffic, and conversions. Let’s be honest: great organic search growth does not happen by accident; it is the outcome of having a skilled technical SEO agency on your side.

    Our technical search engine optimization services can swiftly position your website for long-term SEO success, allowing you to gain market share ahead of the competition. We also consider conversion tracking when discussing technical SEO for eCommerce. Our objective is to convert more of your website traffic into leads and paying customers. Our emphasis on conversion optimization sets us apart from other SEO firms, ensuring that your website is optimised to take advantage of current and future visitors, allowing you to maximise your SEO ROI faster.

    We Help You Improve Brand Visibility

    Our SEO firm can assist you in bridging the gap between your SEO and branding activities. Optimised content, long-tail phrases, link construction, focusing advertising strategy on the target audience, and other strategies are used to achieve this. These efforts of technical SEO for WordPress are then assessed to discover if they are effective in raising your brand’s exposure among a previously untapped audience.

    We can assist you in obtaining high-quality organic traffic

    The main goal of SEO is to improve your website so that it ranks higher in search engines. Various strategies, such as on-page SEO, lead generation, and so on, would be used by a top SEO firm in the UK to accomplish this. Our SEO consultants aid in enhancing your website’s ranks and creating a large volume of organic traffic.

    Increased sales are guaranteed

    Customers will be more engaged if your website receives more traffic. This is a significant step in increasing revenue by attracting new customers who have converted based on how successfully your company’s services/products suit their demands.

    We facilitate better ROI through appropriate execution of plans

    Qualified SEO experts will carry out the operations to increase your organisation’s ROI. When done correctly, SEO strategies may be quite beneficial to your company.

    Are you looking for a reputable SEO firm to handle websites?

    In every sector, being first is crucial, whether in a race with competitors or being seen on the top page of search results. Because of the widespread use of mobile phones, people increasingly rely on the internet for even the tiniest details. Technical SEO is one of the most dependable digital marketing tactics for organisations to produce traffic and money over the long run. This has necessitated urgently hiring a capable SEO Agency to assure their optimal functioning in the digital realm.

    In-house SEO demands highly experienced resources, paid tools, and a deep understanding of current trends. As a result, organisations need to employ an SEO agency to handle this full duty. An SEO agency improves your brand’s exposure and interaction across numerous digital channels while also tackling the technical search engine optimization factors.

    Reasons To Choose Us

    We specialise in organically improving ranks while keeping our clients’ long-term goals in our technical search engine optimization checklist. Our services include detecting gaps in in-house marketing initiatives, doing detailed keyword research for focused efforts, and providing a new viewpoint on approaching the target demographic.

    Arranging an in-house technical search engine optimization facility requires highly qualified personnel with years of expertise in the area, access to pricey technologies and platforms, and time and money. It takes a lot of time and effort to hire SEO employees, educate them, and provide them with the necessary tools. Hiring an SEO service, on the other hand, may save you time and work. We have expert resources at iCEA Group who has handled various projects and have ranked web pages on the top page of search results. It’s usually a good idea to delegate difficult work to professionals.

    We provide eCommerce SEO services, Google penalty recovery services, link building services, pay-per-click services, content marketing services, local SEO services, and much more to our clients as the most dependable SEO firm.

    • We can provide a higher ranking in less time.
    • We ensure that end-users have a great surfing experience.
    • Having greater knowledge of the client’s needs
    • We increase a customer’s ROI in the shortest possible time by deploying specialised team members to each client.
    • Our main goal is to help our clients earn organic revenue.
    • To get the greatest outcomes, we use a data-driven strategy.
    • For each customer, we develop a thorough SEO strategy.

    SEO has been around for a while and has shown to be a game-changer in a variety of sectors throughout the world. On the other hand, many firms are hesitant to invest in things they don’t understand or trust. However, that picture is rapidly changing. Numerous platforms have identified iCEA Group as a top technical search engine optimization agency both locally and nationwide. Contact today!

    Technical SEO – what is it?

    The practise of improving a website’s technical aspects in order to increase the ranking of its contents in search engines is known as technical search engine optimization. The cornerstones of technical optimization include making a website quicker, simpler to crawl, and intelligible for search engines. When it comes to technical SEO vs on-page SEO, which focuses on optimising components on your website to improve rankings, it includes technical search engine optimization. It’s the opposite of off-page SEO, which focuses on increasing a website’s exposure through other techniques.

    Technical search engine optimization means a technically proficient website that loads quickly for users and is simple for search engine robots to explore. Correct configuration of technical SEO for WordPress benefits search engines in understanding what a site is about and avoids confusion created by duplicating material. Moreover, it does not misuse broken links to send visitors or search engines to dead-end routes.

    Technical search engine optimization may appear to be an underappreciated aspect of SEO, but remember that organic search alone accounts for 51% of all online web traffic. A successful plan built on a solid technical search engine optimization foundation aids in the optimization of your site’s crawl ability, functionality, and ranks.

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    What are an SEO and technical SEO audit?

    Any company’s lifeblood is a perfectly operating website. All smart marketers strive to boost their website’s exposure and search engine rating. They must do so by optimising the features of their website for search engines, a process known as on-page SEO.

    Essentially, this is a series of technological duties. It includes verifying that your website’s pages, meta descriptions, content, and general structure are optimised for your target keywords. Simply stated, on-site SEO refers to the activities you perform on your website to improve its exposure. Now that you’ve grasped the basics of on-site SEO, here’s what you need to learn about technical SEO audits.

    A technical search engine optimization site audit is a procedure that examines various technical aspects of a website to ensure that they are compliant with search engine optimization best practices. This refers to the technical aspects of your site that are directly related to search engines ranking elements such as Google or Bing.

    With the fast-paced dynamics of the digital marketing sector, one approach to stay current is to evolve – stay on top of your game and stick to what works. When it comes to what works, you should do an audit regularly. An SEO audit entails examining your website through the perspective of search engines such as Google and Bing.

    Google or Bing algorithms deploy crawlers to your site to examine HTML code, JavaScript, efficiency, layout, and other factors. A completely optimised website needs more than keyword density and decent content for great SEO results. Many online marketers and company owners recognise the value of SEO, but doing an SEO audit is difficult for people without prior training.

    It is not required to examine every aspect of an SEO strategy for a technical SEO checklist. There are a number of SEO aspects to consider individually, including content for on-page SEO best practices. Technical search engine optimization, on the other hand, is critical since it entails looking under the hood of your website for more complicated issues that you may be unaware of.

    It also entails looking for technological problems that may be compromising the user experience by causing your website to malfunction. An audit checklist might consist of going through our tutorial step by step and noting any flaws you identify in an Excel or Word document. By keeping note of the issues you discover, you’ll be able to set them away and repair them individually, ensuring that your website is well-optimized for search engines.

    How to do a technical SEO audit?

    Examining the technical parts of a website’s SEO is known as a technical SEO audit. As previously said, each search engine uses various elements to rank web pages. Before rating a website, search engine bots scour the web looking for it and checking for many characteristics. In an SEO audit, we look at things like hosting, crawling, loading speed time, content, target phrases, backlinks, and relevant references, among other things. While delivering technical search engine optimization audit services, these are the important practices:

    SSL Certificate

    One of the important elements of the technical search engine optimization audit checklist, an SSL certificate, signifies a website’s increased security. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate verifies a secure connection between a web server and a browser.

    301 redirect

    Want to transfer a web page permanently? Use a 301 redirect as an important technical SEO method. We can assist with 301 redirects. This redirect informs the browser of the page’s new location. Even if the user types in the old URL link, the browser will redirect them to the new link, which will take them to the page that has been relocated.


    Working with the Apache web server and .htaccess? The .htaccess file helps the technical search engine optimization of a website (SEO). Our SEO experts can easily establish redirects, adjust HTTP headers, and have pages indexed by utilising the .htaccess file.


    Our SEO consultants want your website to be visually appealing. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow for fine-grained control over the visual features of a website, such as a typeface and style. Our staff specialises in generating a variety of style sheets to meet a variety of needs.

    Site platform

    Are you having trouble deciding which site platform is suitable for your website? Our SEO agency knows which web platform is best for your needs and can assist you with it. Popular site-building systems include Weebly, WordPress, Wix, and others.

    Why should you trust our experts?

    If you’re already doing SEO or want to begin, one of the most common queries is whether or not you should engage an agency. Administrators who try to save expenses by doing things themselves are all too often in their heads, wasting money and effort. That isn’t to imply that insourcing isn’t a viable choice for you, but if you’re still undecided, consider the following justifications for trusting our SEO experts:

    We will save you time

    Most entrepreneurs do not have the luxury of time, especially regarding a strategy as time-consuming as SEO. SEO is a never-ending strategy that expects several hours of research, refinement, and upkeep. You have a team of pros behind your brand when you outsource our SEO experts to your agency, freeing you up to focus on other business duties. This is one of the reasons why many businesses prefer to hire an SEO agency; they specialise in handling your complete search marketing campaign round-the-clock.

    We help you in cutting the cost

    Many companies are turned off by the cost of engaging an outside firm, but the importance of SEO for market growth and its unbeatable ROI make it difficult to overlook. One of the advantages of employing our SEO agency is that they may provide their experienced team and resources at a lesser cost than maintaining an in-house staff.

    Trust our industry expertise

    Agencies have a broad team of SEO consultants, including web designers and copywriters, who can manage many conditions. To give the greatest results for your organisation, every individual at an agency has a focus and specialises in that area. Hiring an SEO firm means getting advice from experts who specialise in SEO, have years of expertise, and know more than you do. For information on algorithm upgrades and their impact on SEO rankings, agency specialists can follow industry news channels, forums, and competitors.

    We have experience

    SEO firms have worked with a wide range of customers and sectors and thoroughly grasp which techniques perform best. Our SEO experts have gone through years of trial and error and rigorous testing across various company environments, so they’re ahead of the game when it comes to determining what will produce results. An agency in your niche will have worked with dozens of other companies like yours. They’ll have aided other businesses in reaching the first page of search results. They can do it for you again. They also know how to blend your expectations with their methods to create a campaign that is completely tailored to you.

    We will facilitate better efficiency

    We have a close-knit team of SEO consultants who can create and implement your SEO plan at the same time. Our agency has the people and tools to make seamless modifications with SEO gurus, website techs, and content writers on staff. Updates can be done swiftly, and any necessary modifications may be made on the spot since they are continually working on your website.

    Get valuable data & analytics

    Most firms now use statistical data to analyse their customers and expand their enterprises. Most firms utilise data analytics solutions like Google Analytics to measure site traffic and KPIs. Our technical SEO experts can process the information you need to fine-tune your overall web approach, and they’ll know how to incorporate that information into the SEO campaign they manage for you.

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    Why is technical SEO important?

    Technical SEO is vital since it guarantees that your website is simple and free of any technical flaws that prevent search engines from understanding and ranking it. You need to use technical search engine optimization to generate organic traffic and convert that traffic into consumers. The overall advantage of technical search engine optimization is that a completely optimised site is more likely to attract organic traffic, but there are several specific benefits to applying SEO. These advantages are related to making your website simpler to crawl, index, and browse so that search engines can bring you more visitors.

    Search results with rich snippets

    You want more than just a title and a short description when your material shows in search results; you want photographs, videos, reviews, a call to action, and so on. Anything that helps your website appear more appealing in search results than your competition is a huge plus, and a technical search engine optimization strategy is here to take the cake. Remember that a more enticing or observable goal will lead to increased interaction.

    Boost audience reach all online channels

    It seems to be the reason that if your material is designed in such a manner that Google, Bing, and others can simply identify, index, and display it, more people will find it. As your reach expands across many media, you’ll increase potential purchases and engagement with technical search engine optimization services.

    Boosts your search ranking

    Following up on the previous point, if Google can readily grasp your material, it has a far better chance of ranking higher in search results, maybe even Position Zero. This includes being in the People also ask and Featured snippet sections and being at the top of regular search results. It’s Google gold dust to be placed here, and the right technical SEO helps you achieve this.

    Identify weaknesses in technical content

    SEO audit helps you keep track of broken links, site not found problems, empty picture alt tags, and other issues to ensure your material is constantly current. You can address the problem of the penalised content before Google or others notice it if you use an automated method to verify them and report them to you.

    What does technical SEO include?

    Websites with particular technological qualities receive preferential treatment in search results from search engines. Technical search engine optimization is the practice of strengthening the infrastructure of a web page to improve its ranking in search engines. Technical search engine optimization focuses on enhancing portions of web pages that users don’t see. In contrast, on-page SEO focuses on improving physical content and off-page SEO on acquiring backlinks. A checklist of critical tasks to ensure your technical SEO is up to a point comprises the following tactics:

    Using SSL

    Implementing SEO services includes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a security protocol that establishes an encrypted connection. Google wishes to see HTTPS everywhere, and that safe websites will be prioritised in search results above non-secure ones. As a result, it makes sense to ensure that your site is safe wherever feasible — this may be accomplished by placing an SSL certificate on your website.

    Ensuring mobile-friendliness

    Responsive website design adapts automatically to any device, making it easy to explore and read. Ensuring mobile-friendliness is one of the important SEO elements. Google makes it obvious that having a responsive website is a highly important ranking indication for their algorithms. An adaptable website is now more crucial than ever, thanks to Google’s new ‘mobile-first strategy to index information. Consequently, ensuring your website is fully responsive and appears effectively for mobile, tablets, and computer users is a smart idea.

    Creating an XML sitemap

    An XML sitemap is a record that enables search engines to explore your website and comprehend it. Consider it a search roadmap, indicating where each page is situated to search engines. It also contains useful information about each of the pages on your website.

    Fixing plagiarised content

    Visitors (and search engine algorithms) can be confused by duplicate material, which can also be exploited to influence search rankings or get more traffic. As a result, search engines aren’t fond of it, and Google and Bing recommend that webmasters rectify any duplicate content concerns they uncover. Fixing plagiarised content is one of the effective technical SEO factors that should be included in your strategy. Preventing your CMS from publishing different versions of a webpage can help you avoid duplicate content concerns. You may also use the canonical link element to tell search engines where your content’s ‘main’ version is located.

    Enabling AMP

    Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google-backed project that uses special code known as AMP HTML to speed up information delivery on mobile devices. On mobile devices, AMP versions of your website pages load incredibly quickly. Because they open so quickly, AMP versions of sites are significantly more likely to be read and shared by people, improving dwell time and the number of backlinks pointing to your content – both positive SEO factors. Furthermore, Google occasionally features AMP pages in large carousels in search results, providing you with a significant search boost.

    Adding structured data markup

    Organised data markup is a sort of code that you may use to help search engines understand the content on your website. This information can help search engines index your site more effectively and provide more relevant results. Structured data also allows for the insertion of ‘rich snippets,’ which enhances search results. Because these upgraded results are more aesthetically appealing and emphasise instantly important information to searchers, they can raise your click-through rate (CTR) and generate more people to your site. Adding structured data to your site is worthwhile since sites with higher CTRs are often thought to receive preferential treatment in search engines.

    Registering at Google Search Console

    Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are free Google and Microsoft tools that allow you to register your website for indexing to their respective search engines. When your website is ready to go live, send its XML sitemap to both Tools so that they may crawl it and start displaying results from it in search results. These technical SEO services also allow you to monitor your site’s overall performance from a search engine standpoint.

    JavaScript SEO – what is it?

    The online sphere is never in the same state because it is a sphere that is prone to evolution and development. It is a place where advancements keep occurring; therefore, it may be difficult for website owners to know about every other innovation that emerges in this sphere. It is safe to assume that you may have heard of JavaScript SEO, but as for what it does exactly, well, that may be a foreign land to you. It is a technical SEO approach used for optimising websites to increase the visibility of JavaScript websites. It helps the website to be indexed, rendered, and crawled by search engines.

    JavaScript has become an essential component of the modern-day SEO scenario because it makes maintaining a website easier and more efficient. It also makes websites more scalable and helps them reach increased audiences. Many websites use JavaScript to improve their website user experience so that their website can be more interactive. Since JavaScript is something that is used by most websites, knowing its relation to SEO is essential. When performing a technical search engine optimization audit for your website, you may notice some areas in which your website may be lacking. Hence, if you have some idea of JavaScript SEO, you can manage your website more efficiently.

    What is JavaScript SEO?

    JavaScript SEO is a technical search engine optimization form that makes it easier for search engines to render, crawl, and index a particular website to rank it on the search results page. A website that has JavaScript powers makes a website accessible to all users even when they are using browsers that are already outdated. It is important to hire a good SEO agency to ensure consistency in your website’s internal linking and metadata. JavaScript SEO is also helpful for enabling a website powered by JS to load faster.

    Significance of JavaScript SEO

    JavaScript is used widely in the online sphere these days because, without the same, it becomes difficult for search engine crawlers to discover websites. However, their function isn’t limited to making websites visible to search engines. They are significant for many other reasons, which are as follows:

    • A professional website developer has to code in JavaScript when building a website because search engines use crawlers. Without JS, a website may not be properly rendered and indexed by search engines. Technical search engine optimization services can help develop a website supported by JavaScript.
    • JavaScript SEO also makes a website more dynamic and interactive. It updates the website’s content automatically, enabling a website to offer a seamless and smooth user experience. This is essential to bring in more traffic to your website, and it certainly is good technical SEO for eCommerce practice.
    • JavaScript SEO also makes a website more user-friendly by removing the manual effort of refreshing the website. JavaScript automates this process and makes a website deliver better performance, increasing the website’s visibility and driving increased traffic, which can increase the site’s potential to gain more conversions.
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    Rendering SEO – definition

    These days, website building has become a matter of seconds because website building platforms have made it possible to create a professional website within a few seconds with easy drag and drop features. Technical search engine optimization doesn’t require a person to possess coding proficiency anymore. However, a lot goes on in the background, which is not visible on the surface. When a website is developing or in operation, there is a lot of interaction between the web page and the browser, and this process is referred to as rendering. Since a high web score and website ranking is essential to all websites, conducting an SEO audit to ensure that their website is being rendered successfully by search engines is necessary.

    What is rendering SEO?

    Rendering SEO refers to a search engine optimization approach that focuses on the browser’s ability to render a webpage and make it visible to users.

    When search engines cannot render a website, it can hurt the performance and progress of the website. If the website is not being rendered, it will be challenging for the search engine crawlers to index and render the website, and as a result, they will not be able to rank a website or recommend it to users. Hence, hiring an SEO agency that can help you adopt rendering SEO strategies that will enable your website to be rendered by search engines properly is essential.

    Why is rendering SEO significant?

    Many assume that after creating a website, it will start showing up on the results page automatically, but that is not how search engines work. They use crawlers to search for websites they find worthy of being ranked and recommended to users. For this, a website has to be developed using JavaScript so that the search engine crawlers can read the website, index it, and render it. Here are some reasons why you need technical SEO services to render your website easily:

    • Rendering SEO will make it possible for search engine crawlers to find your website. Search engines can crawl your website more effectively when your site is indexed properly and rendered properly using JavaScript. This will help search engines find your website, and on the flip side, it will help search engines find your website and rank the same.
    • Rendering SEO is highly important for driving traffic to your website. While keywords and links may be the SEO strategies that attract website owners at the surface level, there is much to consider beyond these SEO practices. First and foremost, you have to ensure that your website is visible to search engines and can be crawled by the same so that your website can show up on the search engine ranking page. You need to use technical SEO for WordPress so that the search engines can render your website and you can find a better position on the ranking page for your website.

    While rendering SEO might be a little complicated for a person not in the technical field to comprehend, it is highly necessary for the growth of your website. Therefore, take some help from technical search engine optimization experts who can get the work done for your website without any hassle.

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