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A broad view

We approach the business from a broad perspective. Thanks to this, in the final stage of consultation you will receive a comprehensive assessment of website functionality, but also an analysis of your industry.

Developing an effective non-sales strategy

During the consultation, we let you know what steps we will take to give your business visibility and increase conversions.

Practical tips from SEO experts

“Attribute ALT”, “Backlink” or “Link title” are buzzwords that don’t tell you anything? That’s great, because we are here to consciously guide you through the world of algorithms and search engines.

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So what do you gain from a free SEO consultation?

During a consultation with our SEO expert, you will gain many valuable tips to develop the potential of your e-commerce.

What information will you gain during the consultation?

  • Knowledge about how your search engine position has evolved over the past years.
  • We will show you how your competitors operate.
  • You will learn about current trends in your industry, thanks to which more customers will visit your website.
  • Several hundred suggestions of effective keywords that will guarantee your visibility without burning through your budget.

What will you ultimately gain from the free consultation?

  • A detailed report with technical errors and recommendations for changes. Fixing these elements will make your website visible in search engine.
  • Proposal of an effective positioning strategy. We focus not only on visibility, but also on the website’s functionality (UX) and increase in traffic generation through Google ADS campaigns.

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    Why is it worth to develop your e-commerce with iCEA Group?

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    Sneaker Peeker has been cooperating with iCEA Sp.z.o.o. since 2019. The cooperation involves website positioning and Google Ads campaigns for the fashion industry (shoe store) in Europe.

    We are pleased to recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. The company has been successfully positioning our website and running Google Ads campaigns. We declare the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits, Google Ads and the positioning itself and running the campaign. Knowledge of things, great contact, and extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.

    Sneaker Peeker

    We are happy and convinced to recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. The company has been very successful in positioning our website. We certify the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits and positioning itself. Their knowledge of things, great contact, as well as extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


    Plusgum Łukasz Pyrc has been cooperating with iCEA Sp. z o.o since 2014. The cooperation concerns website positioning and implementation of Google Ads campaigns for the automotive industry in Poland.

    With pleasure and conviction we recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy Business Partner. The company has been successfully positioning our website and running Google Ads campaigns. We certify the reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits, Google Ads and the positioning itself and running the campaign. Knowledge of things, great contact, and extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


    With pleasure and confidence, we recommend iCEA Sp. z o.o. as a trustworthy business partner. This company has been very successful in positioning our website. We confirm their reliability, high competence and professionalism of the company in the field of SEO audits and positioning itself. Their extensive knowledge of the field, great contact, as well as extreme transparency in contracts and mutual communication make us use the services of iCEA. For these reasons we recommend the high quality services provided by iCEA Sp. z.o.o.


    Why is the consultation perfect for you?

    Have you noticed that….
    Have you noticed that...
    Your website is visited by fewer and fewer customers?
    Your online store is not generating maximum profits?
    Are you experiencing a drop in visibility from one month to the next?
    Your competitors are ranking higher than you in the search results?
    If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, it means that our SEO consultation with our expert is perfect for you!

    A thorough analysis of your website is also helpful for beginner online store owners. The sooner you take care of the technical optimization of your website, the more profits you will generate from the very beginning of your online business. Remember that investing in SEO is always a GOOD investment!

    Select the perfect audit for you

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      SEO Audit

      The search engine optimization audit is the process of strengthening the website’s online visibility. The SEO audit process handles the quick examination of essential SEO components of the website, including the density of the keywords and their analysis, content-related issues, analysis of backlink and indexing, social media engagement, and many other aspects.

      What are the different types of SEO audits?

      Following mentioned are some common types of SEO audits that an SEO audit agency conducts:

      1. Technical SEO Audit.
        This is the type of SEO analysis in which all the technical SEO aspects of the website are covered, including the structure of URL parameters, on-page elements, indexing, the structure of the site, and many more. The website SEO audit free is typically conducted before backlink and content audit because it helps resolve the issues preventing search engines from crawling and indexing the websites.
      2. Local SEO Audit.
        Local SEO analysis is similar to the technical one, but its main focus is on the SEO performance of the website on the local search results. Examples of such SEO audits are the specialist checking the company’s name to see if it’s accurate and the address or phone number mentioned in major listings.
      3. SEO Content Audit.
        This specific SEO analysis is performed to have a more in-depth look at the indexable content of the website. It can be easily identified which page of the SEO content is arousing readers’ interest, which are to be updated, and which are to be removed. You can also discover if there is any duplicate content on your site.
      4. SEO Link Audit.
        Also known as a backlink audit, this specific SEO audit can assess the site’s link profile to determine if the links pointing searchers to your website are qualitative. With the help of an SEO link audit, you can identify the opportunities for building effective SEO strategies. By removing the spammy links directing to your site, you can avoid the penalties of the algorithms.

      What are the benefits of conducting the website search engine optimization audit services?

      The below-mentioned are key benefits of conducting the search engine optimization audit:

      1. Improving the performance of the website.
        Your website might be equipped with several technical SEO issues resulting in the poor functioning of the website and thus, resulting in poor visibility. An SEO analysis will deliver crucial information about the technical problems occurring on your sites, such as increased bounce rate, the problem with indexing and crawling, long response time, and many more. After you know about the SEO issues, you can work on eliminating the same and improving the website’s performance.
      2. Improving the search ranking of the website.
        After conducting the on-page SEO audit of your website, you will not only become aware of the issues with your site but also come across improvement suggestions. By implementing the suggestions, you can optimise your website, increase its visibility, and thus, improve its search rankings on different search engines.
      3. Increased satisfaction of the readers.
        The deployment of the improvement suggestions provided by the conducted SEO analysis can easily make your website more friendly and comfortable to use for the readers. If your SEO website displays error information or takes much time to load, your potential clients will be discouraged and leave the site. Whereas a website efficiently working attracts more satisfied clients.
      4. Finding out the keywords bringing traffic to the site.
        Ranking for the keywords is great, but if the same keywords are not bringing sufficient traffic to your site, then they are useless. Conducting a search engine optimization audit free will help you understand the search terms or phrases used by the targeted customers. You then can utilise the same information to create SEO-optimized content and fill in the gaps. Only qualitative content with the right SEO keywords can attract traffic to your site.

      Conducting an SEO analysis is not that simple but is a complicated task. You will need to hire an SEO specialist to perform SEO audit services on your website, allowing you to boost your site’s performance and, thus, the business’s profits.

      What does an SEO audit mean?

      SEO audit is a procedure or process used to evaluate various factors of SEO that impact your SEO rankings. Search engine optimization audit websites to understand what and where you need to put effort. Marketers and businesses need to perform audits frequently.

      However, unlike other audits, SEO audits are performed solely based on marketing, where you can get better insights into how your website is performing. Understanding these insights will help improve your decision-making and bring more effective strategic solutions. SEO analysis report helps you improve decisions and ultimately help you improve search engine rankings. Though SEO analysis should be performed in two ways – beginning and end of the new project – if you have a small business, you don’t need to do an SEO analysis of a website occasionally. Focusing on unwanted stats will only waste your time. So, conducting an audit at the right time is also crucial based on the size of your organisation.

      SEO can improve your rankings, but it is a complex procedure. When you conduct an SEO analysis report, you need to focus on various aspects of business and SEO to improve your performance by understanding what and where you need to improve. SEO analysis needs to be performed and analysed – technical, on-page and off-page SEO, and competitive analysis to understand website performance.

      Technical analysis: Technical analysis means you must understand how your website performs from the technical side, such as page loading time, coding, etc. Technical analysis has two aspects – indexability and accessibility. Accessibility means how easily and effectively search engine crawlers and users can access your website. Indexability includes ordering your page.

      On-page Analysis: On-Page SEO audit includes the factors you can control for better SEO ranking, such as keywords, navigation, etc.

      Off-Page Analysis: Off-Page analysis includes factors outside your website that impact rankings, such as link building, inbound links, etc.

      Competitive analysis: These analyses usually involve your competitors’ performance and keyword competitiveness. Sometimes our targeted keywords are popular and have high competition, making it difficult for websites to improve rankings.

      All businesses must conduct SEO audits for better understanding and better solutions. But based on your business niche and size, you need to fix the time when you can audit unnecessarily for the sake of audit; SEO audit free will only waste your time and resources. Many websites are available for free and limited SEO analysis.

      It’s difficult and complicated for businesses to conduct audits all by themselves and understand the details. Therefore, it’s better to hire search engine optimization audit services that can audit your website performance, analyse and understand your scope of improvement, your goals to prospect better solutions and SEO strategies.

      Website SEO analysis online is a crucial factor in understanding your performance. Every marketer and business in the serious marketing field should conduct SEO audits frequently to improve strategies and decision-making for higher rankings.

      Does SEO audit include Core Web Vitals factors?

      SEO audits include everything that affects websites’ performance and impacts website rankings. Though to include and form a list of things SEO audits perform. However, SEO audit factors generally include vital core factors, technical considerations, on-page elements, off-page elements, backlinks, aspects of the website, crawl waste, and crawl budget. These are some of the things that SEO audits by various SEO services provide.

      In simple words, yes! SEO audits include Core Web Vital factors.

      What are the Core Web Vital factors?

      Core Web Vitals are quantitative performance indicators or metrics that search engines like Google developed to measure User Experience on a web page. These Core Web Vital factors include visual stability, page loading time and experience, and the intractability of web page content. Google develops these core vitals to provide the best and most optimised User Experience and provide high service to web searchers. These factors provide users with a better experience, which means users are more likely to return to your webpage. On the contrary, if your web pages are cluttered, unstable or slow, customers will not return.

      Other Core Web Vitals include mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, security or safe browsing, and non-intrusive interstitials.

      Why does a website SEO audit matter?

      Page experience has a mismatch of factors that Google considers crucial for a better User Experience. These Core Web Vital factors are crucial for SEO ranking scores. Your page experience score must be good, and you can check your website’s vitals at your Google Console account. Google has always been user-centric; they keep updating their factors and web vitals for SEO ranking to provide customers with the best experience. You need to audit these Core Web Vitals if you need a higher ranking.

      Who can perform SEO audits, including Core Web Vitals?

      If you are a small brand or website, you don’t need to perform core vitals after every new project, and there’s no point juggling with Stats when you know they will be used. You are going to waste your time and money. However, large organisations and businesses must regularly check performance metrics through SEO audits.

      Though various free platforms are available for a limited SEO audit report, some Core Web Vital factors such as page loading time can be checked easily over Google with free services.

      However, despite these free services available, businesses can only have little insight, so you need to hire SEO services for Core Web Vital audit and analysis of these vitals. If you hire services for auditing, they can conduct a complete audit for your website.

      SEO analysis is the first step to improving your website, strategies, and tactics for better rankings. That’s why it’s important to conduct a complete audit. The complete search engine optimization audit services include Core Web Vitals and other factors as they are crucial for SEO rankings.

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      Why do you need an SEO audit?

      Perhaps one of the most difficult methods of SEO is a site audit. You can utilise a variety of Google Tools, but in the end, you’re better off hiring a professional to conduct a compliance check for you. An SEO analysis checks your platform’s design system, on-page elements, and off-page fundamentals to increase search engine ranking, convenience, and engagement. An SEO analysis should be performed regularly to ensure your website’s long-term success.

      Why should you conduct an SEO audit on your website?

      Changes in Algorithms: Google, Yahoo, and Internet Explorer are continually upgrading their algorithms to deliver better search suggestions, and you should be prepared to be flexible; so that you can ensure accurate textual adjustments to your homepage.

      Google will use mobile-first indexing on all websites, which will improve mobile SEO and page loading times. This implies that Google now evaluates your site’s mobile version before the desktop one and ranks it based on how well it runs on mobile devices. Regarding loading speed, not only does Google rank websites depending on how quickly they load, but 40% of visitors would abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to open.

      Webmaster guidelines: Google and Bing’s popular webmaster tools are constantly changing, so be sure you’re up-to-date.

      Website errors: Conducting an SEO analysis allows you to assess your website’s current state. You’ll be able to discover if your website has any broken links, redirects, or pages that can’t be found, as well as any other issues that are limiting traffic.

      It’s critical to check for any error messages or broken links on your website. The audit will reveal the problems, allowing you to redirect them and recover traffic that has been lost.

      Technical SEO audit: This search engine optimization audit will assist you in identifying technical issues with your website that prevent search engines from crawling or understanding your content. The SEO technical audit report highlights all technical issues and offers remedies so that you can get started immediately.

      When you appear in search results, the first thing visitors will read about you is your title tags and meta descriptions. They must be related to the site’s content.

      Ranking and progress of your keywords: Surveillance and managing your keywords is the greatest approach to see if your SEO audit service is working. Regular SEO keyword audits will provide you with information about the overall quality of your website, as well as keywords that you wish to rank for and how you now rank for those phrases. You may use SEO analysis factors to change your website regularly regarding the performance of your targeted keywords and track the development of those updates.

      Content that is no longer relevant: Your search engine optimization audit page may also include content that is no longer applicable. It’s critical to provide search engines with not just relevant but also new content, as well as a cause to return. If no one visits or returns to your website after six months, reassess the content or remove it.

      SEO link and content audit: An audit of your SEO analysis web site’s links and content is required to verify that your search ranking is not harmed. Hyperlink inspection exposes vulnerabilities, substandard links, and misconfigurations on your platform’s inbound links. SEO content audit analyses the current state of your website’s content and assesses the relevancy of your website copy.

      Why is SEO audit important?

      A website SEO audit helps businesses evaluate the friendliness between the websites and search engines. Before you make some random changes to your site, you must essentially carry the SEO analysis because of its below-mentioned importance.

      1. To discover the SEO weaknesses.

      There are some elements’ efficiency that can be determined by just looking at them, such as you can easily know whether your meta descriptions contain an ideal number of characters or not. However, since SEO marketing has evolved into something much more complex, it has become difficult to analyse different elements.

      Many factors are considered by Google, such as technical performance and quality of the content, to different rank websites. Also, now that Google updates its algorithms constantly, businesses require individuals immersed in the SEO industry who are experts in discovering and adapting to the changes. Such changes build the search engine optimization audit services.

      2. To improve the overall performance of the website.

      We all know that Google loves a healthy website. It is the website’s performance based on the search rankings. Running an SEO analysis will help flag your website’s problems, such as increasing bounce rate, low site speed, issues with site mapping, and many more. It is recommended to run the on-page SEO audit regularly. The changes prevailing externally can impact the website’s performance. Therefore, it is imperative to carry out maintenance regularly.

      3. To measure the site’s effectiveness.

      Whether you are carrying out SEO analysis services on your own or hiring a successful SEO audit agency provider, it is imperative to measure the effectiveness of the work being done on your website. The SEO analysis allows you to measure all metrics and progress of the website. Once the SEO analysis has been implemented, and changes are updated, don’t think you are one. You will have to repeat the same process regularly to improve the search SEO rankings and obtain an idea of what is to be done next.

      4. To prioritise marketing.

      There is a great possibility that an SEO analysis will lighten up the areas that need improvements. While you may be tempted to go through all the suggestions as soon as possible to make your work easy, you must segment the individual tasks into small projects and set their priorities based on their effects. Things that impact the website’s usability, including customised 404 pages, favicons, implementation of structured data markup, etc., are some tasks that can greatly improve the User Experience. However, you should focus on the technical SEO issues that hinder the working of websites, such as crawling and indexing issues.

      5. To track the progress of keyword ranking.

      One of the efficient methods to know how well the site performs is to monitor the movement of the keywords. An SEO audit free helps track the performance of the keywords you are ranking for. Once you are equipped with such valuable information, you can optimise your SEO content accordingly. It is possible that the content written is qualitative, but if it’s not optimised for the right keywords, it is useless.

      How much does an SEO audit cost?

      Websites require regular checks to understand and improve strategies like other maintenance and management. These regular checks or procedures to know the performance of your platform is known as SEO audit. For any marketer or business, SEO analysis is a must before and after optimization or changes on the website. It gives an actual idea about how your website is performing. Often, businesses and brands have a common question: how much does an SEO audit cost?

      Suppose you are looking to start your SEO optimization for a website. In that case, a search engine optimization audit is the first step marketers take to understand how your website is currently performing and what it requires for your website optimization. So, SEO analysis costs vary according to what your website requires.

      Often, digital marketing and search engine optimization audit agencies have predefined packages for some factors or digital marketing techniques. However, you may not fit into these packages as every website has different requirements, rankings, and competitiveness. So, according to your website requirement, SEO analysis and service costs may vary.

      However, many platforms offer free SEO audits with limited audit checks. These audits have limited checks that might not give you a complete idea but little insight into your website performance. One thing marketers or businesses who are serious about marketing do is frequent SEO audits to keep improving and optimising for higher rankings. Therefore, your website needs and services you hire for the SEO analysis report may vary, so choose accordingly.

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      How long does an SEO audit take?

      An audit provides you with information about the overall performance of the website. This will help you understand any concerns and where you should focus your efforts. Companies can better understand how prospective clients engage with their website and make sustainability initiatives by conducting regular, targeted audits.

      The free online SEO analysis factors include introducing your publication’s search engine functionality. It continues to generate necessary details for you in moments to give you confidence in your website.

      The more intricate your website is, the longer it will take to do a site audit. They are also available in various formats or can be merged to produce a single large audit. An SEO analysis might take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks to complete. An SEO specialist examines and identifies SEO prospects on your website during this period.

      The following are some examples of audit types:

      • Monitoring and reviewing design websites is free of threats and vulnerabilities.
      • Site health audits determine whether your site is functionally efficient in general. Traffic levels, for example, will be examined to ensure that nothing has gone wrong.
      • Competition audits will look at your competitors, what you’re doing, who’s winning, and where you may gain a competitive advantage.

      How long does it take to conduct an SEO audit of a website?

      • To conduct a variety of search engine optimization audit marketing, ranging from basic website review audits conducted in a few hours to extensive audits with over 160 checkpoints.
      • It is not uncommon for a full audit of a larger website to take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to complete.
      • An SEO audit report may take 2-3 days for smaller websites that want to understand how their website works.
      • It requires about one week to complete a manual SEO analysis that produces an easy-to-read report that aligns with your overall business goals.
      • An audit should take a few days for smaller websites with less than 10 pages that want to get started on the right foot.
      • The fact that different search engine optimization audit agencies and freelancers promise results in as little as a few hours to as long as six months doesn’t help matters. In minutes, you may find software that can generate a suspicious audit.
      • Even though it appears sophisticated, such SEO audit services are frequently misleading and off the mark.

      SEO audit – what results can you expect?

      SEO is becoming prevalent in all business spheres, regardless of what kind of business one owns. This is mainly due to the growing necessity of a good web presence for all business companies. It is often said that if a company does not have a website, the company cannot establish its credibility and reliability among customers, which is true. If you want to ensure that your company grows consistently, you can learn how to do a website SEO audit, and you need a good and significant web presence which is possible when you implement SEO and check how well your web presence in the online sphere is, you need to perform a website SEO analysis which is something you may not be entirely familiar with.

      It checks how well you use best SEO practices to grow your web presence. If you want results that can be measured, this is the first step you should be implementing.

      In the online world, gaining organic traffic is essential for every website. You must incorporate the best SEO practices and successful SEO audit to drive increased organic traffic to your site. Sometimes, the best practices you consider the best may not be the best. Hence, enabling your website to go through an SEO analysis page will help you determine technical SEO issues and other issues such as on-page and off-site SEO problems, poor User Experience problems, and gaps in the content, and it will also give you an insight into marketplace competition and SEO analysis of website which you should take note of if you want to stay ahead. Just as you need to go to the doctor for regular health checkups, you need to use SEO analysis services to ensure your website performs well.

      SEO Audit Results Expectations

      If your website is not performing as well as it should, there may be various underlying issues you may not be aware of, such as the use of poor backlinks, irrelevant keywords, and more. This can hamper your website’s performance and lead your website to receive less traffic. If you want your website to perform better, you need to ensure that you enable your website to go through an SEO analysis with the help of SEO analysis at regular intervals.

      • Link building is one of the essential SEO tools, and through the process of a search engine optimization audit report, you need to be sure that you are including the right links in your website. Links drive other website users to visit your page, boosting traffic and visibility. If you are not using the right links, you may not be able to achieve this benefit. You can take the assistance of a reputed search engine optimization audit agency and check if you are making the right and effective use of link building.
      • Apart from link building, you should also crawl your website and use SEO audit Google. It is the essential factor you must consider when performing an audit because when search engines are looking for websites to rank, they will crawl the websites. They will only be able to rank a website if it is discoverable to the crawlers. Hence, you should ensure that the audit you perform will be able to identify ways in which you can make your website increasingly visible to search engines.
      • The structure of your search engine optimization audit marketing website also plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your website. It is essential to ensure that your website is user-friendly and has an interface that the users can easily browse. The audit you perform should showcase the loading site speed and your website’s user-friendly interface. You can use a website SEO analysis online to conduct an audit easily and successfully to find all the factors that may obstruct your website’s performance.

      Ensuring that your website performs well in the modern-day dominance of Google is an indispensable requirement. If your website cannot perform well and cannot attract much traffic, you will eventually want to take down the website. No one likes running a website that cannot drive any traffic. Hence, you need to ensure that you are using the right SEO tools and practices to grow the visibility and success of your website. For this, you have to perform an SEO analysis of websites to gain an insightful analysis of whether you are using the right web practices or not. Hence, keep these tips in mind and use them to grow your online success.

      Every SEO campaign should start with an audit

      If you are a newbie business and thinking of launching your brand-new website, take your time and check your website’s SEO performance! A website can look cool to you, but that doesn’t guarantee ranking in Google Search Console. That’s where SEO audit Google comes into play.

      You must be hooking up with your new business website, ready to call for a launch party, and praising it all to your dev. Did you notice how your website will stand on the Google Search Result Ranking page?

      Launching your new SEO website will pitch your new store to your online customers. But what is its value if no one ever clicks it, no one is ever able to see it, or no one ever uses your service? This is why get this SEO analysis process handy and dive all in to check your website’s SEO performance.

      Why should I audit my website when I can see it looks beautiful?

      A website may look good. You can build a webpage yourself today, which can look super creative. But, when you launch it online, can the search engines read it? You need to check that too. It is the most important part you will forget, which will make you lose out to your competitors,

      What and how to audit a website before starting an SEO audit free?

      When your website is ready, you should use the following three tools to check if it is SEO optimised:

      • Google Analytics will help you check your website’s performance, average website visits, conversion, and click-through rates (CTR). You can also check whether the desired chunk of the online customers are visiting your SEO analysis website and the average time they spend reading your content,
      • Google Search Console checks your website’s ranking on the search engine ranking page (SERP). It will suggest optimising your website contents if they are a barrier to your website’s SEO ranking.

      Google page speed insights tool makes your website a turbo because Google and other search engines consistently rank the websites in the top three search results that open in less than 2 seconds.

      When the on-page SEO audit is complete, you will have a detailed insight into your website content, like:

      • Whether it is fast.
      • Whether the search engines can crawl and understand all of your SEO website pages.
      • Your website can be opened on all screens, like if the website is optimised for small screens like a mobile, tablet, etc.
      • How it fares than your competitor’s website.
      • Are the page titles and meta descriptions all well optimised to match the requirements of search engines?

      With the above insights and reports, you can now focus on fixing the issues holding your site back from SEO ranking high and getting customers. As soon as you fix the problems, you can directly call a grand launch party of your website and head towards success in your business.

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      Do small websites also need an SEO audit?

      SEO audit marketing assists small business owners in developing quick, sturdy, and consumer websites that position higher in search engine results, allowing them to attract more qualified potential consumers and ultimately enhance conversion rates.

      A well-executed SEO strategy will increase the visibility of your website search engine optimization audit online and products in search engines, resulting in increased organic traffic. It will also help you build your brand authority and increase conversions.

      An SEO audit or search engine analysis is critical for businesses to pause for a moment and assess their current SEO strategy and SEO practices. No matter how big or small, every website would benefit from an SEO analysis service. On the other hand, small company websites are more likely to require them.

      Why do small websites require an SEO analysis as well?

      You may examine the source of not just your backlinks but also those of your successful competitors using SEO audit factors. This will show you how you might apply their link strategy to your small business. Reduced quality backlinks from backlink farms or spammy organisations will also be discovered during audits, lowering your platform’s ranking in search engines.

      An SEO analysis page will show you where your site’s on-page material makes it harder for search engines to rank it. It will check whether the page has the necessary number of keywords, if H1s and subheadings are used correctly and if the copy engages users.

      Websites become heavy over time as thousands of lines of code are present at any given time, and security concerns will gradually accumulate unnoticed. Regular SEO audits will assist small businesses in identifying emerging problems on their website and implementing corrective steps.

      Because your website wasn’t developed for speed, several elements influence how well your small business on SEO analysis of website ranks, with site speed being at the top of the list. The ability of a website to load quickly begins with the code it is based on and the server on which it is housed and is influenced further by each plugin, picture, and element added.

      Small and medium-sized businesses’ websites typically rank higher for less competitive, long-tail keywords. Using SEO keyword audit as part of an audit, you may level the playing field by determining the most effective terms for your company and speciality.

      Most small search engine optimization audit agency website analyses reveal that the copy lacks SEO and keyword targeting, lacks a command for what to do next and fails to clarify what problems would be remedied if the user engages your services or purchases your items.

      SEO is a highly dynamic subject with hundreds of best practices and standards that are constantly changing. There was a time when submitting news releases to a dozen different press release agencies might result in a thousand useful backlinks to your website. Today, the same strategy and SEO audit services could result in the sandboxing of a small website.

      Making sure your website’s user engagement UX aspects perform properly is an important part of effective search engine optimization.

      • Forms must function properly.
      • The ability to click on clickable components is required.
      • The text must be readable.

      These are obvious concerns that every site owner should examine regularly, but because of “a set it and forget it” approach, something that is broken always goes unnoticed. Plugins become obsolete, and code conflicts occur, causing things to break.

      You may identify your competitors’ top-performing keywords, most popular pages, backlink sources, and a range of other information by doing an SEO audit of their websites. This data can be reviewed and learned by a group of tiny SEO websites.

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        • IV The SEO Expert audits your website and provides strategic recommendations on how to improve your performance.
        • V You'll get the SEO report with a comprehensive look at numerous search ranking factors such as technical items, on-page, content, and off-page metrics.

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